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What Autumn Believes about Submission and Biblical Marriage

Biblical Marriage and Submission

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Autumn Miles

Women who had plans for abortions left the conference with changed hearts and a child to nurture. Women who carried the guilt or embarrassment of previous situations of abuse left with freedom. Women who had no hope when they walked into that building left with a future in Christ. At the end of the day, I was in tears just thinking about how much God cares about us and how all it takes is one moment of submission to have your life changed forever.


Recently we have been challenging our church body to reach out to our city. Blush came to Columbus and not only ministered to our people but  invited and picked up women all around the city of Columbus.  Blush showed us the needs of not only our church, but the city. They went above and beyond venturing out in the snow storm to give transportation to the women in shelters and rehabs. We were extremely blessed to host the Blush Network and would do it again and again.

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“Through events like the Freedom Found conference, Miles reminds women of what she herself was reminded of by God: His love and grace are sufficient to cover all unrighteousness.” To Read more of the story from Liberty University click here.

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Autumn Miles’ life is evidence of a God who redeems and a Truth that will set people free.

Harmony DustFounder of Treasures and Author of Scars and Stilettos


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God’s Pursuit of Your Heart

It is so easy to get distracted from the reality of who God truly is as we live in a world full of sin, hardship, devastation, and brokenness. Since the beginning of this year, God has been revealing Himself to me through encouraging friendships, sermons, and random acts of kindness. He has been opening my closed eyes to the fact that He constantly is pursuing me day in and day out, even when I choose not to pursue Him or turn away from His unconditional love, mercy and grace.

It’s funny, as a single, young woman I desire to one day be pursued by a godly man, in hopes of him one day becoming my husband. Recently, I have been slapped with the truth that the pursuit that I one day desire has and is already taking place. God exemplifies a beautiful and perfect picture of what a godly pursuit looks like as He pursues me in my best of moments and in my worst of moments. He loves me unconditionally, no matter how many mistakes I have made and no matter what those mistakes are. How can I desire anything more than God Himself as He purses my heart and loves me unconditionally? He is the only one who can complete me and fulfill all of my desires.

This made me realize how closed off I have been to the character of who God truly is. He has been revealing this pursuit of my heart more and more as I have desired a deeper pursuit for Him. He has reminded me of His pursuit for me by the encouraging acts my friends have shown me such as buying me coffee, praying for me, and just being blunt and speaking truth of who God is to me. He has used speakers and pastors to remind me how much God desires our hearts daily. Recently I heard a sermon on how God pursues and cares for “the one”. In Luke 15 we see God’s attention, desire and passion He has for “the one”. God pursues each ONE of us. In another sermon I heard earlier this year, I was again awakened to the reality of how much God pursues us. The Pastor spoke from Luke but specifically 22:32 and mentioned how the Lord pursues our hearts so much that He prays for us! I am in awe of who God is and how He pursues me constantly while I get distracted.

Have you ever stopped to think about how dirty our filthy rags are because we are sinners? It is a beautiful, breathtaking picture to think about how filthy we are in our sin and yet God is still pursuing and chasing after us with that same attention, desire and passion He began with. God’s pursuit for us is evidently seen in the sacrifice of His Son who died in our place. What other God loves His sons and daughters that much that he would sacrifice his perfect son rather than the people who are sinning? Be encouraged that no matter what you have done or how bad it is, God is pursuing your heart and is praying for you.


God Will Be Your Strength

Are you fully aware that your body is completely and utterly breakable? So many things that keep you breathing and alive depend on your body and sometimes it can fail. Maybe this is a little known fact, but there is an enzyme that your pancreas produces in order to break down your food to fuel your body so it can do the things it’s supposed to do. But what happens when that enzyme just suddenly disappears? What happens when you’re given a diagnoses that forces you to come to terms that your body has failed you?! “My flesh and my heart may fail….”

There are many things that fail you like friendships or even your body, but the One who formed your body; the One who breathed you to exist never will. I have had to come to terms the past few years with my shortcomings, being diabetic is one, but the steadiness of my Father’s faithfulness has kept me in His perfect peace. He has had to carry me through bouts of depression after being diagnosed and the frustration living with this illness had brought me but he always seems to bring me back to this verse: “My flesh and my heart may fail…” but He doesn’t stop there, the hope is coming…”but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”(Psalm 73:21) I don’t have to waste my thoughts on wishing away this failure, I can rest in knowing that even though I feel like I’m not good enough He is my strength.

I still may not understand the why of this situation but I can stand in His strength and rest. My body may fail me but my God never will. Sister, I don’t know what you’re going through or what you’re facing but just know that no matter what, lean on Christ; He’s all the strength you’ll ever need.


God’s Design for Marriage

I rose early this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee, and walked into our in-home office. My mind was too busy to focus, so I picked up my husband’s Bible that has served him well for many years. When I opened it, there was a small piece of paper folded neatly inside. Intrigued, I opened it and read it. I was almost brought to tears when I read the words that were written so long ago. It was a list of qualities he was praying for in his wife. I read quickly wondering what his mind was thinking more than 11 years ago before we were married.

The list written is as follows:

  1. Good family, especially relationship with father – (check)
  2. Tall – (I’m 5’6not necessarily tall)
  3. Pretty – (I know he thinks I am pretty, he tells me 100 times a day)
  4. Loves God – (check, without a doubt)
  5. People person – (I smiled when I read this one as I have never met a stranger)
  6. Humble – (when I met Jesus I was so messed up! My life back then really helped this one.)
  7. Able to pray, prays for me – (double check)
  8. Close relationship with God – (yesssss)
  9. Can complement my gifts and ministry – (why I was attracted to him in the first place)
  10. Loves kids (I loved this one to as we have 4 kids, 2 biological and 2 adopted)

I paused and continued to read, but as I read the last desire, I stopped. 11: Can live without me, totally in love with God. Loves God more than me and has a servant’s heart…With that, the list ended. I sat for a moment and absorbed the sweet, thoughtful list Eddie had been praying more than 11 years ago. The “can live without me”desire really caught me off guard. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I was born a leader. I have a strong personality, and after I realized who I was in the Lord, I have been driven to do anything I can for His name.

While being a strong man himself, Eddie has fanned the flame of my dreams since day one of our relationship. I always looked at him in awe as I would drop another dream bomb on him and his response was, “You can do it. I support you.” It hit me this morning that exactly who I am is exactly who he was hoping for. He isn’t intimidated by my strength. He wanted it. He isn’t challenged by it. He encourages it. My husband and I are one unit (Gen. 2:24); operating as one unit drawing from our strengths and helping each other in our weaknesses.

We are a team; we always have been.

I was married to an abusive man before I married Eddie. My previous, first husband would recite the verse, “husbands submit to your wives” and then abuse me. I was completely turned off by the word submit, because of the abusive way it had been used against me. However, in that first marriage, I found the Lord. I began a true relationship with Him. God ransomed me from myself—literally, as I was suicidal—and through His word, began to heal me. He eventually released me from that first marriage, and because of His faithfulness, I knew I wanted to follow His design for marriage.

-Autumn Miles



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